The 9 Reasons Why Nobody Is Buying Your Website Promotions

Why Nobody Is Buying The Stuff I Promote On my Website!

See The 9 Reasons Why Nobody Is Buying Your Website Promotions

Are you frustrated?

Okay now, I worked very hard! I made a beautiful website, people are flocking the site by the thousands, but every time I promote something nothing happens – WHERE IS THE BEEF HERE?…The 9 Reasons Why Nobody Is Buying Your Website Promotions

What’s going wrong? where is the error? what do these people do in my website? why aren’t they buying anything or so little?

Well, The answer may be found among the following reasons.

Reason 1

You’re presenting your stuff to the wrong crowed. You need to narrow down your target to people who want what you have to buy, need what you have to buy, have money jingling in their pockets.

Reason 2

They don’t know you good enough. You need to establish yourself first as an expert in the area that you are promoting

Reason 3

You are not giving your readers enough information. If you’re in a store, you can pick up a frying pan and look at its construction and decide if you want to purchase it or not. In an online terms, you have to be the eyes and hands of the reader. You must give them the details of the product that they need.

Reason 4

You are not giving enough details of the product and you fail to link to the pictures. You need images from different corners so that the potential buyer can see exactly what he is purchasing.

Reason 5

Your promoted product simply does not meet the needs of your reader. You might have convinced him that the product was not for him. It looks too cheesy . It got the wrong color, It is ugly. It may not work. It is your responsibility as a promoter to overcome these objections in advance.

Reason 6

You are not giving your reader a way to contact you if they have questions. They cannot contact you, the questions are not answered. You are not going to get the sale.

Reason 7
You are not giving your customer a choice between products. You are not rating your products. Your customer are leaving your site. (high bounce rate).

Reason 8

You may have forgotten that people are too selfish. You may have also forgotten to appeal to that selfishness, the self-aggrandizement as to how much better they would feel or look, and so on…

Reason 9

You also may have closed your eyes on the fact that people have emotions who drive them to action. You didn’t tell them to hurry or they might miss out on something. You may have not told them so.

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The 9 Reasons Why Nobody Is Buying Your Website Promotions

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