Should you Buy Garmin Refurbished GPS System

Should I Buy a Garmin Refurbished GPS?


I received this email from one of my customers a while ago, this email was of my instigations to open this website but feel bad this came so late.

Should you Buy Garmin Refurbished GPS System

Hi Sam,
I am still trying to save enough cash to get my first GPS. I see refurbished, or factory refurbished listed on some models on some sites, What does that mean exactly? and do these come with a good warranty? Yes, I would like to save money, but not at the cost of the product being a problem.



Is it really safe to buy a refurbished GPS? And if yes, where would be the best place to get one from in case there is a problem.

I placed this email in a few more places searching for the right answers,

Thanking you in advance for any helpful tips you may provide me with.

Rocky Switzer

This is natural,

Of course it is a Very common and natural to feel a little funny about anything that was used or damaged before and now comes your turn to ride the same product again refurbished hoping for the best.

But is it really so?

No, not at all, it is far away from what most people think of refurbished GPS’s or any other refurbished item.

As I mentioned numerous times in my posts for you to end up with a solid fully functional refurbished item that works like a new one you must purchase this item from “a reputable and trustful retaileror directly from the manufacturer’s storefront.

Refurbished items are products that were returned by consumers for whatever reason, or items that were damaged through shipping, traded in, used , and so on. Companies then send these items to there factories to be remanufactured all over again, and tested and retested until it meets the company’s quality standards to function like a new unit, then sent back to stores be resold as refurbished for a lot lesser price, that’s were you savings come from.

Most companies offer a limited 30 to 90 warranty and some will go even further to offer you a free shipping and return. some companies like Apple goes even further and offer you a full year warranty-The ultimate peace of mind.

I myself have been and still buy refurbished electronics at all times, always up to date with the recent models without having to pay an arm & leg for it. I’ve saved thousands of dollars since 1996 when I first started with my first refurbished widescreen TV that cost $3200 those days but got it refurbished for less than $1500, since then I’ve not turned back to new out of the box, I foxed my way into this and saved big, so will all of those interested in real savings.

Is it worth it for everyone?


Generally speaking, I’ve always been a fan of purchasing refurbished consumer electronics for a long time. They often are sold at good discounts rate of – 10-20% to even 50% off current low tag prices which makes them a great value. There is also a good argument that refurbished products especially electronics undergo more testing and scrutiny than a device that just passes “standard” assembly line testing but still there are a few things I would watch out for.


Often times, the warranty offered for a refurbished device is exactly the same as a “factory first” GPS device, but double check that it is true from the store you are considering your purchase from.

Trustful Authorized Dealer:

Check to make sure the dealer you are looking at is in fact an authorized dealer, you wouldn’t want to be offered a warranty only to find that there is some loophole because the store is not an authorized dealer.

When buying a refurbished GPS make sure it has an Updated Map

If the GPS is a fairly new release (say less than a year old) then your chances are good it will come with a recent map. If the device was originally released more than a year ago, you might not want to take the chance of getting an older map and end up with an expensive upgrade process.

Garmin Refurbished GPS – Should I Buy One? My Final Thoughts

Buying a refurbished Garmin GPS or any other electronic device will absolutely save you some serious money that you may need badly if you are running on a tight budget. What have you got to loose if your device is bought from a reputable authorized dealer that give you a warranty, a return policy, sometimes even free shipping and return. hey, give a try, if you don’t like something “Heck” send it back” .

Go a head get your refurbished Garmin GPS, enjoy your savings and have a smile.


Your Pal

Sam Ammouri



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