Should you buy a Refurbished Apple Laptop ?

Buying refurbished Apple laptops and other electronics especially from apple can save you tons of money. If you are running on a little tight budget but still want your Apple’s Mac, I do personally believe that you should always buy a refurbished apple at all times for the few good reasons below…

Should you buy a Refurbished Apple Laptop ?

1. Apple prices are way overpriced

while apple products are considered from the top of the line to consumers, I do personally believe the same but at the same time I think they are way overpriced, I’m sure many of you do agree.

If the word refurbished was born for something it is for Apple products, why? see below.

2. Apple has a great refurbishment process and policy:

Refurbished products come with a…

  • new outer shell
  • new battery
  • one-year warranty, this is the same that new hardware comes with. In other words, same-as-new appearance and performance. Not bad huh?

3. The savings are significant

For example. A 13-inch refurbished MacBook Air is $900, or $300 less than full price. But a refurbished 15-inch MacBook Pro will save you almost $600.

Seems like a smart deal, unlike other types of refurbished electronics, other retailers will often cut the warranty to 30 days, just in time for you to miss glaring defects. It is the reason why I always insist in many of my posts that you do your homework, don’t rush, and to turn down anything looks suspicious or too good to be true until you get the real facts. Read my tips in this guide post.

4. A Tight budget but still want an Apple MacBook

Buyers on a tight budget find even the most affordable Mac unobtainable. This often leads to the consideration of a refurbished model. Not everyone out there is willing or capable to lay down a wad of cash for a notebook even if it is from the best company in the world.

5. The Support at Apple is excellent

If you read some of my posts then you’ll know how much I always stressed on having your deals from a reputable large retailer that stands behind their products, care about the customer and have an excellent support and customer service. Apple does have all this and they are well worth the deal.

Here is what impressed me about Apple, take it from the horse mouth…


Best two sources to obtain a nice refurbished apple MacBook

1. From Apple Store Itself.

Like most companies, apple now has it’s own store that sells directly to the public

2., This is the largest and most reputable online retailer, they have excellent customer service/ 24/7 customer support/ lots of discounts and savings/ easy return policy/Warranty for most electronic products/free shipping and return if you spend $50 or more/ More savings and points if you use Amazon visa card/ also extra savings if you apply for Amazon Premium.

As a matter of fact Amazon is where I get 99% of my refurbished items from since 1996 when I bought my first widescreen TV for half the price.

Refurbished Apple Laptops – Should I Buy One? – My Final Thoughts

As I mentioned above Apple products in general are very expensive and way overpriced. Buying a refurbished Apple product is not a bad idea if an Apple Mac is a must and printed in your genes and your budget is a little tight. Fortunately for those who decide to get the refurbished Mac, this by most the best refurbished devices among all companies because Apple truly does a wonderful job in bringing back these devices to a matching level to that of new ones. A one year warranty is unheard of when it comes to refurbished items, this is another proof that when you buy a refurbished Apple Mac it’s like you’re buying a new one.

Go ahead and get the refurbished Apple laptop, I can hardly be wrong recommending Apple’s refurbished products to anyone that love their state of the art products.

Always take your time when shopping online and shop safely – Use Google & Bing/Yahoo for your searches as they yield more relevant results. Use for your research and information.

If I can be of any further help to you in regards of buying your refurbished apple laptop please feel free to write me below in the comment box for a swift help.

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