Shortwave Radios Sale – Hunting Down Real Deals

Shortwave Radios – Hunting Down The Real Deal


The best way to have the most out of your dollar when buying shortwave radios and other electronic equipment is to buy it factory remanufactured (Refurbished). Refurbishing an item by it’s mother company is an engineering process that brings that item back like new again.


Shortwave Radios Sale - Hunting Down Real Deals


Many people including myself are aware and taking advantage of this Sale process but most are not or have enough money to toss at new items.

You are here and reading this article because you want a nice shortwave radio for yourself but at the same time you don’t want it to cost you an arm & leg. If so, there is no better way to save money.

Simple few things you should know when buying refurbished items 


  • Make sure to purchase from a well known reputable source with excellent customer service history and has a live customer support phone.
  • Make sure your product has a Warranty/Guaranty, Typically known authorized dealers and companies will give you a limited 30 to 90 day warranty.
  • Do not make a person to person purchases, buying from an individual deprives you from all the securities you need.
  • Make sure you have a return policy in place in case you decide to change your mind even if there is nothing wrong with the product.
  • To make even a better deal, look for a deal that have a free shipping and free return.
  • Ask all the questions you need an answer for before the purchase, never leave
  • a single stone unturned


What if I can’t find what I’m looking for in a refurbished category?

Well, there is something very equal and even better sometimes than refurbishes and this is called ( Clearance) – ( Liquidation ) Or ( A super Sale ) Such deals should not fall short of 30% to 60% off a product. any deal you find between these 2 numbers that includes warranty, free shipping & return policy, jump on it and make your purchase. “You have all my blessings”.

Let me show you an ideal purchase

This is a Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM/FM Shortwave World Band Receiver with Single Side Band Reception found at

Shortwave Radios Sale - Hunting Down  Real Deals

Now you want to check the actual retail price of this radio, the new sale price and see if your saving percentage falls between the Green Area of 30% to 60% off, the higher the percentage the better the savings.


List Price: $199.99
Price at Amazon: $135.63 & FREE Shipping.This important
You Save: $64.36 (32%) Super huh?

Earn 3% Back (worth $4.06 when redeemed) with your Rewards Visa Card

As you can see above you got yourself a nice deal here, and there is even more saving if you apply for and use Amazon visa to get 3% more.


Now that we made sure the price is right and the deal is super, let’s check some more information on the radio, is it the radio you looked for, does it have all what you’re looking for. make sure to read everything including customer reviews, its by far the best way to get closer to the product and know everything about it.

This radio has 2 display modes- digital and standard. as you can see below yiou can even save more on the classical standard display

  • Digital Display – $135.63
  • Standard Display – $57.99
There is also a used or (refurbished) units that go for $108. just make sure of that when you buy. see if the give you the same warranty for used units. if not don’t even bother or buy at your own risk and don’t say “I did not tell you”.
Below is your usual product features, of course the more you know the better the satisfaction and the understanding of what you’re about to get.
  • PLL digital tuner receives FM, MW/AM, shortwave and longwave
  • MY-memory tuning memorizes and scans up to 100 frequencies
  • Four tuning methods – direct, manual, scan and preset
  • World clock and dual clock functions; built-in timer
  • Label presets with 6 alphanumeric letters
  • PLL digital tuner receives FM, MW/AM, shortwave and longwave
  • “My-memory” tuning memorizes and scans up to 100 frequencies
  • Four tuning methods: direct, manual, scan and preset
  • World clock and dual clock functions, with built-in timer
  • Label presets with 6 alphanumeric letters

Upon the reception of your merchandise make sure to open it neatly, keep all the packaging material and receipts in case you may have to return the product for any reason.

I myself purchased a Grundig Globe Traveler G3 shortwave radio a few years ago that usually go for $259, but got it used for $149. I listen to it every week, these things can run forever.

Just buy you favorite short wave radio smartly from a trustful online retailer like, adhere to what I lined above and you should be happy with both you product and your savings, there is absolutely no need for you to pay the full price when you can enjoy the same unscratched radio or any other electronic gadget for way lesser price.

If I can be of any further help to you buying your shortwave radio please write me below in the comment box for my swift help.

Happy shopping and savings & Shop safely


Your pal

Sam Ammouri


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