LampChamp light-socket USB charger review

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I’ve seen this gadget popping around like crazy and decided to give it a review since I actually bought this item from Amazon.

The LampChamp has a male E27 base on one end, a female E27 socket on the other, and a USB Type A socket on the side that puts out 2.0 amps of power to charge your phone, tablet, or e-reader.

If you have a newer phone or any other device that’s equipped with a USB Type C charging socket, you’ve probably already stopped reading. While it will work with a Type C cable that’s Type A at the other end, it won’t charge your phone as quickly as possible. And you probably have other devices—a tablet or an e-reader, for example—that wind up on your bedside table at night.

The LampChamp has a USB charging port on one side.

How it works

screw the LampChamp into your lamp, screw a lightbulb into the LampChamp, plug in a USB Type A cable, and voila! You have semi-permanent USB charging station. My problem is that my bedside lamp has three E12 candelabra sockets, which the LampChamp won’t fit into. I swapped the lamp out for a more conventional model for this review, and I found this gadget to be pretty handy. But not enough to replace my lamp—it’s one of a pair on either side of the bed.

The LampChamp is not a smart device—you can’t control it with Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or a HomeKit controller—but you can screw a smart light bulb into it. Use something like a Philips Hue bulb, for example, and you could control the light with your phone or link it to an Amazon Echo and control the light with your voice.


This is a clever way to put USB chargers in very convenient places, provided you have lamps in convenient places (instead of overhead lighting). .


  • Clever and convenient tool for charging USB device
  • Solves the problem of the disappearing USB charger
  • Passes through enough power to operate a light bulb and a socket-based smart controller


  • Expensive at MSRP (even the manufacturer is discounting it)
  • USB 2.0 Type A connector only

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