Kreg DIYKIT DIY Project Kit – How Good Is This Tool?

Kreg DIY KIT DIY Project Kit

What makes Kreg DIYKIT DIY Project Kit so special?

Most of you by now might have heard enough of the fuss about the Kreg DIYKIT DIY Project Kit through TV, online, and other promotions. As curious as many out there is, I decided it’s about time to write about it.

One of my neighbors who is a carpenter happens to have the Kreg tool, I asked if he can frankly tell me all about the kit,  I want to know from a professional not an immature user.


Kreg DIYKIT DIY Project Kit - How Good Is This Tool?


His answer was “there is no day goes by without me using this tool one way or another”, simply because it really has simplified too many of his daily chores,  he said.

That was enough for me to dig, search and come up with more facts about the kit.

Kreg DIYKIT DIY Project Kit - How Good Is This Tool?

Manufacturer – Kreg Tools

Price – $99.95- watch for promotional occasions for lessor price

Best deal and free shipping is
Kreg DIYKIT DIY Project Kit

Product rating- 5star


Product Info And benefits

Dazzling projects that will transform your home:  Garage Storage System,Entryway Organizer,  Closet Organizer, Kitchen Cart, Farmhouse Table, Compact Bookcase, Console Table, Wall Display Shelf, Coffee Table and Compact Desk.


Kreg DIYKIT DIY Project Kit - How Good Is This Tool?


  • Join wood together with Kreg’s proven pocket-hole joinery – in the strongest and fastest way.
  • Cutting plywood and other sheet goods quickly and precisely
  • Drilling shelf pin holes to create custom shelving perfectly at all times.
  • Contains Rip-Cut, Kreg Jig R3, Shelf Pin Jig, and download codes for 10 FREE Project Plans- all included.
  •  Item weight 5.8 pounds
  • Item dimensions- 30x11x3 inches


After Googling and visiting numerous sites and reviews I found this tool to be legit and seriously beneficiary to users.

This new DIY Project Kit from Kreg tools combines the 3 precise tools for creating custom home-organizing products:

1. The Kreg Rip cut

2. The Kreg Jig R3,

3. The Kreg Shelf Pin Jig.

With SUCH kit, a drill, and a circular saw, you can create high-quality projects for your home easily and economically.  With it’s preciseness,  The Kreg Rip-Cut circular saw guide attaches to almost any circular saw, allowing you to cut large sheet goods easily and with more confidence than ever before.

While The Kreg Jig R3 makes project assembly straightforward, using just a drill and strong yet simple pocket-hole joinery. And the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig will help you create evenly-spaced, consistent holes for pins that hold adjustable shelves in place.

Also The DIY Project Kit comes with 10 FREE, downloadable, step-by step project plans for your personal projects. Even if you are earning your living from carpentering, Your customers will quickly learn how they can easily build custom organizers for every room in their home-their garage, closets, basements, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and beyond.

Even though I don’t own this product, but I heard enough positive information about it to comfortably recommend it to my readers. So good luck with your projects and plans.

If you get too happy with this tool,  would you make me a birdhouse for sally, my south American parrot. Someday I’ll introduce you to Sally and show you her pictures, she is a pain sometimes, she sits with me at the computer every time I have a project and keeps me a company but with the price of messing with things sometimes or picking on my ears.

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Kreg DIYKIT DIY Project Kit - How Good Is This Tool?


If I can be of anymore help please do not hesitate to write me a comment below or use the contact form for a swift reply, and if you do have any suggestions just write it below for immediate consideration.


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Kreg DIYKIT DIY Project Kit - How Good Is This Tool?

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