How To Stop Child Obesity – 5 Effective Tips To Put Your Child Back In Shape

Can I Stop My Child Obesity

Childhood obesity can be very harmful to children if not addressed.  High blood pressure, high cholesterol, Increased chances of glucose impairment, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes are a few of what child obesity can bring about. Other symptoms such as Breathing problems like sleep apnea and asthma may are possible.

How To Stop Child Obesity - 5 Effective Tips To Put Your Child Back In Shape

Other risks such as social and psychological problems, poor self-esteem and a Higher chance of obesity as an adult may surface.

There is a few effective things you may do that can be very effective to combat or dramatically reduce your child obesity and guarantee them an honorable and healthy life that they deserve.

Healthy Food Offering

For instance, you can easily make their favorite spaghetti and meatballs with whole-wheat pasta, zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash. While doing so encourage your child to be hydrated throughout the day by Drinking water which can also make you feel full and less tempted to eat that sugary, fatty snack.

Healthy Snacks

When kids are hungry from time to time, offer a fruit or veggie instead of ice cream or cookies, celery with peanut butter and raisins, Greek yogurt with berries and your imagination is the limit.

Serving Size

It’s OK to have a snack-size bag of chips. These foods are part of a fun life, but also should be consumed within a healthy serving size. It is also important for your child to indulge in Some Physical Activity to maintain fitness and agility, this benefits both their physical and mental health. When your child is active, his brain releases chemicals called endorphins that can help improve his/her mood and mental well being.

Staring at Screens

With the countless gadgets and gizmos around, it’s easy for a child to sit for hours staring at screens. Set a time limit of 45 to an hour for the day, and instigate your kids to get out and play with other toys and boys.

Below, learn how to calculate your child’s risk for being overweight or obese, and the health risks it poses.

I’ve found this topic about as much parenting as feeding, Very helpful and interesting.

This latest release from renowned childhood feeding expert Ellyn Satter considers the overweight child issue in a new way

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How To Stop Child Obesity - 5 Effective Tips To Put Your Child Back In Shape

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