How To Remove One Way Screw – Using Eazypower 88240 , The Ultimate One Way Screw Removal Set

Eazypower 88240 Get It Out One Way/Rounded Screw Remover Set, No.6, No.8, No.10, No.12, No.14

How to remove the one way screw – Using Eazypower 88240
You had your piece of mind by installing a few one way screws over your car plate numbers and on other sensitive items, and finally the time has arrived for it’s removal, now what should I do you may ask?


how to remove one way screw - Using Eazypower 88240 , The Ultimate one way screw Removal Set


Well, don’t worry.  There is What’s called the one way screw removal tools that comes in different shapes, forms, colors and quality. The last thing you need now is a junky tools that does not work, BREAKS EASY,  or make things even worse.

I looked around and found a very well made high rated set that I even decided to buy for myself since I have 2 cars that I fixed their plate numbers with one way screws. I lost a plate a few years ago and was advised to use the one way screw, that’s how I got to know this screw. it’s really funny and it does its security magic. I experimented with it and it works perfect. you may have to apply more pressure than you’d normally do with regular screws.

But of course the day when you need to remove these screws will eventually come, it is impossible to remove these one way screws unless you don’t care about damaging your items.

Now for anyone to steal your plate number must be a determined crock that has a one way screw tool, and how many crocks are out there with the one way screw removal tools in their pockets?

Just like any other screw driver you’ll be able to remove your one way screw with this tool. The only difference between the regular screw driver and the one way screw remover is that the one way screw remover has special grooves and the right indentations to remove this type of a screw.

The one way screw removal tool details

This One Way Screw and Rounded Bolt Remover with Hand Screwdriver makes the removal process as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE

1. Loosen set screw to adjust tip depth.

2. Align and seat tip into screw head/bolt. Slide collar flush with surface, tighten set screw. 3. Apply pressure while removing or installing One Way Screw or Rounded Bolt.

Set includes

one each: no.6, no.8, no.10, no.12, no.14. Screw Head Diameters no.6(0.2245-Inch 5.7mm), no.8(0.260-Inch 6.6mm), no.10(0.339-Inch 8.6mm), no.12 (0.392-Inch 9.97mm), no.14(0.443-Inch 11.9mm).

Be safe, be careful, I’m glad you took the extra care to use the one way screws, and now here is the life lasting set to take care of the rest.

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Sam Ammouri

how to remove one way screw - Using Eazypower 88240 , The Ultimate one way screw Removal Set

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