Heavy Duty Utility Carts Wheels – Rugged And Lasting

Shopping Cart Replacement wheels with Axles Set of 4


These Heavy Duty Utility Carts Wheels  are designed as replacement wheels for shopping carts. The set comes with 4 wheels and matching axles & nuts. Each wheel features a polyurethane tread which protects floors while providing a smooth quiet roll.


Heavy Duty Utility Carts Wheels - Rugged And Lasting

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This set also comes with thread guards to minimize the amount of debris that can stuck under the wheels.  Wheels measures 5” in diameter with a 1-1/4” wide tread width. The axles size is 5/16” and the hub length (where the axle goes through) measure 1-9/16”. The capacity is 250 pounds per wheel.

Specifications for this item
Part Number AR5203A-4AxleNut
Number of Items 1
Brand Name Mapp Caster
Fastening Type 5/16″ Bolt
Load Capacity 250.00  pounds
Material Polyurethane
Wheel Diameter 5  inches
Wheel Tread Width 1.25  inches

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Heavy Duty Utility Carts Wheels - Rugged And Lasting

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Heavy Duty Utility Carts Wheels - Rugged And Lasting

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