Do You Love Football Snack Helmets?

We sports fans are all the weirdest. And At the end of the day, anyone who considers themselves a die hard sports fan has to admit that they spend an unacceptable amount of time obsessing over the athletic careers and achievements of young adults who will most likely never know any of our names. With that being said, there is a hierarchy of weirdness within our ranks, and there is no better place to go to illustrate that point than the review sections of the Wincraft Snack Helmet I read at Amazon. Now the Snack Helmet is actually a pretty genius idea, and if you are familiar with both snacks and helmets, you can probably guess what one consists of.



Things are pretty cool. And after reading through the many reviews, I can tell you that it is actually the size of real helmet and therefore can handle an acceptable amount of chipping and dipping. But as has happened many times before, things really go sideways for this product once you hit some of the the reviews, but Make no mistake, most people love this product. And the people who don’t like it are completely out of touch, and even some that do might love it a little too much. Parsing through the ramblings of a bunch of people who don’t have anything better to do than review a plastic snack holder can sometimes be a huge task. But when you combine the “online reviewer” with the “fanatical adult sports fan,” the results are pure gold.

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