Corn Beef Hash Cans – See My top 3 Picks

Corn Beef Hash Cans –

My top 3 Pick

Even though corn beef hash is not one of the healthiest food on earth but it makes a great  hearty breakfast that can be very tasty. Of course if you have a little restaurant or a diner close to you that makes fresh corn beef hash from scratch go for it. But if you rather cook that at home and have no choice but to use canned corn beef hash for easiness there is only 3 brands I would recommend.

Corn Beef Hash Cans - See My top 3 PicksSince we don’t really know how these companies cook their ingredients, or the source of meet or what they add to their recipes you should avoid the unknown brands and stick to the brands that we know and trust for decades.

Here is the 3 brands of corn beef hash cans I recommend you take.

Corn Beef Hash Cans – See My top Pick

1- Chef-mate Corned Beef Hash


Corn Beef Hash Cans - See My top 3 Picks

Canned Breakfast Corned Beef with Potatoes, This is a brand that is very known and reputed for the quality of the product, they use premium quality corned beef and fresh potatoes and Delicious flavor that lasts up to 8 hours with an 18-month ambient shelf life reduces spoilage and frees up freezer space. Read more 

Corn Beef Hash Cans - See My top 3 Picks

2- Mary Kitchen Hash – Roast Beef

70 years of great quality food

Corn Beef Hash Cans - See My top 3 Picks

Another brand I trust and I buy at all times. It has a nice strong taste for those who love corn beef hash and it really feels like your grandmas home-cooked corn beef hash With it’s delicious mix of tender roast beef, diced potatoes, and savory seasonings. See full details

Corn Beef Hash Cans - See My top 3 Picks

3- Libby’s, Corned Beef Hash


Corn Beef Hash Cans - See My top 3 Picks

This is my third choice, it not one of my favorites but its my last choice when there is nothing around.  Still tastes good,  and a fixture on the shelves everywhere but as I mentioned if I find my first 2 choices I mentioned above I wont pick this one. Read more


For now I would stay away from other brands that are unknown for the sake of your own health, and my advice is not to eat corn beef hash more than twice a week, AS tasty as it is, its still not the kind of food you’d want to eat everyday.

Now go ahead and make your pick with confidence and start enjoying your mouth watering corn beef hash that makes sense to your taste.

Please Give me a shout in the comment box below for any further help, or you’d like to add more useful information to this topic. Please share and spread the good news.


Sam Ammouri


Corn Beef Hash Cans - See My top 3 Picks

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