Best Solar Eclipse Glasses 2017 –

On August 21 of this year, a large stretch of the United States will bear witness to a rare celestial event: a full solar eclipse.

Partial eclipses can happen several times a year, but full solar eclipses sometimes occur besr sollar eclips glassescenturies apart.

That’s why you should absolutely plan on spectating this momentous occasion, in which our Sun disappears from sight for up to two minutes.

If you are in an area that promises a good view, you will want to grab a pair of eclipse viewing glasses now, before you’re stuck buying a pair from a price gouging vendor.

Eclipse glasses are essential to safely viewing any eclipse, as the Sun still sends a dangerous amount of invisible UV and IR radiation even when it is obstructed by the moon. And normal sunglasses don’t cut it.

You need glasses with far darker lenses. NASA suggests Shade 14 glass, which is the darkest grade of welder’s glass.

So we’ve scoured the web for the best deals online for the best glasses viewing glasses.

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