Best Portable Digital Radio – See My Top Pick

What Is The Best Portable Digital Radio?

Best Portable Digital Radio – See My Top Pick

Sony Walkman Digital Tuning Portable Palm Size AM/FM Stereo Radio includes Sony MDR Stereo Headphones

No matter what technology brings in terms of wireless communication nothing will ever beat the Radio or even come close. It’s been over 110 years and radios are still going hotter than ever before.


Best Portable Digital Radio - See My Top Pick

No subscription, fees, cables, and manipulations from large companies. You receive your radio waves from as far as Australia and listen to any music you want on earth without having to pay even one penny.

Just have a look at what’s happening now and compare this with a radio cost. 0 cost for the radio and hundreds of dollars monthly for other services that is mostly local.

Sony is the king of electronic from a TV’s , cameras, to Radios and more. This is a brand that most people trust right off the bat. One of the best portable radio Turntable combination I’ve ever seen is the…

Sony Walkman Digital Tuning Portable Palm Size AM/FM Stereo Radio includes Sony MDR Stereo Headphones

Price: Amazon $234.99 & FREE Shipping.

This is a high rated radio with many positive customer feed backs. I already have A SanJean shortwave radio and thinking of having this one as well.

Product features

This beautiful looking Radio provides an Exceptional Reception from all near and distant stations within range, features 5 Direct Key Preset Memory , Low Power Use, with over 50 hours on only 1 AAA Battery and a Digital Clock and Battery Indicator.


Best Portable Digital Radio - See My Top Pick

It also features

Digital Tuner
Features A built-in digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner with 20 station preset memory lets you choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music programming

This radio is a Pocket Size For Portable Use with ultra-compact design slips easily into shirt or jacket pocket or handbag for convenience and portability

Weather Band
Enables you listen to up-to-the-minute weather from your local weather band broadcasts around you.

Battery Operation
Only 1 ‘AAA’ battery to power the Walkman radio for hours

Direct Key Preset Memory
Tune into any 5 stations you set, even in different frequency bands with the press of a single, easy to reach button

Digital Clock and Battery Indicator
This feature enables you to Keep track of the time and keep an eye on battery power with this one indicator

FM Local/Distance Switch
This feature provides optimal reception of both close and distant radio stations

The Sony Walkman radio comes with MDR-027LP headphones and a belt clip for convenient listening

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Where to grab a nice deal

I don’t know about you, but I grab all my stuff from Amazon, they have unmatched customer service, return policy and money back guarantee. Also, Amazon is the largest and most trusted online retailer. You are safe here.


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Best Portable Digital Radio - See My Top Pick

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