Best CB Radio For Truckers – See My Top Pick 2019

What Is The Best CB Radio For Truckers On Market Today?

Best CB Radio For Truckers – See My Top Pick 2019

President McKinley USA 40 Channel CB Radio SSB 12/24V – By President

With newer radio technologies constantly coming in,  CB radio hot days are getting cooler and cooler over the years. But not for truckers. CB radios remain the #1 favorite of the truck to truck communication. The short range communication is ideal for over the road Truck driving communication.


Best CB Radio For Truckers - See My Top Pick 2019

These devices are relatively inexpensive for considering they can save you more in one trip than their cost. This is the reason why they’re so appealing to truckers. We’d be hard-pressed to find a single trucker that does not have a CB radio. They are really that important to a pro truck driver.

I’d confidently say CB radios will be a must-have for truckers for many years if not decades to come. Therefore, if you are a pro truckers and you wish to have on that is solid and dependable, there is no better than this President McKinley USA 40 unit to be mounted on your truck dashboard for days and years of pleasant top quality usage.


Best CB Radio For Truckers - See My Top Pick 2019


This is the New 21st Century High End CB Radio that is jammed very rich feature like Weather bands, AM/USB/LSB modes, Scan, Multi Color Selectable Display, Mi & RF Gain, Noise Blanker, Switchable Talkback and Roger Beep.

The unit Also features Unique “beep Sound” SWR Meter feature, Vox, Automatic Squelch, Dual Watch and many More! GREAT ability to Operate from 12 to 24Vdc.

Main features


AN ultimate Hi Tech AM/SSB CB Radio With Weather bands and Alert!

  • Features Switchable Talkback
  • Roger Beep
  • Variable RF Power Control
  • Noise Blanker & ANL
  • Has Scan
  • Selectable 3 Color Large LCD Display
  • Dual Watch Function & VOX Ability
  • Mic and RF Gain Controls
  • Automatic SWR Reading Zero In “Beep” Function
  • Automatic Squelch Control
  • DIN Size, Operates from 12 to 24Vdc
  • Includes Mic, Mounting Bracket and Power Cord


Best CB Radio For Truckers - See My Top Pick 2019

Price may vary


Best CB Radio For Truckers - See My Top Pick 2019


The unit channels

Like most C. B. radios, this unit has 40 AM channels but this is also a side band radio too with upper & lower of all 40 which makes the scanning ability great.

Technical Details

Warranty, Parts:2 years,  Labor:2 years


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Best CB Radio For Truckers - See My Top Pick 2019

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Best CB Radio For Truckers - See My Top Pick 2019

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