Best Air Mattress – Everyday Use – Lunvon Queen Air Mattress Guest Durable Inflatable Airbed

Lunvon Queen Air Mattress Guest Durable Inflatable Airbed Blow Up Elevated Raised Air Bed with Built-in Electric Air Pump, Storage Bad and Repair Patches Included, Height 18.5 inches, 2-Year Warranty – Top Rated

How often when occasions and you wished you have an extra spare bed. A guest just walk in unexpectedly, or a relative or relatives are visiting,  you know – He/she/ they/ are staying with you for the night or even nights! Day or days, “they decide of course”.

Best Air Mattress - Everyday Use

But here is poor you, seem very CONFUSED,  embarrassed, don’t know what exactly to do, wish they just go, but the is they are here to stay. They are taking for granted that you have all the accommodations and the delicious foods to entertain and feed them for a day or days, lucky if not even weeks. Don’t be surprised if it becomes months, so you better fasten your seatbelt.

Best Air Mattress - Everyday Use

This is when this type of mattress come in handy, it’s wiser if you even have 2 spare mattresses, I don’t want to say 3 even though I would love to.  I’ve been through this, at one time it was hellish,  a couple came from overseas and stayed over 3 weeks. Relatives of course.

Best Air Mattress - Everyday Use

Again an inflated mattress is your most convenient way to combat such unexpected situations as well as it can be very useful for you yourself if going away camping or anywhere else outside your house.

Best Air Mattress - Everyday Use

I actually expecting my own old mother 84 years old to come from overseas this new year eve. Last night I researched the internet for a good quality one that is affordable and found a high rated recommended one that I bought in Amazon. Every time I buy something that can be so useful to others too I write about it,  hoping this may help you and d-save you the headache of hours of research to smoke out the best choice.

Lunvon Queen Air Mattress Guest Durable Inflatable Airbed


Best Air Mattress - Everyday Use

Some details of this Inflated mattress

This air mattress use Spinal three-point first-line repair massage technology. When sleeping, the ergonomic simulation make the points of the spine on a line, ensuring good sleep. To minimize any chance of rolling, tipping or swaying, avoid sleeping on the edge of the airbed. Edges provide less support than the middle of the airbed.

Main features


 Made High Quality Materials

Lunvon air bed are made of eco-friendly Nontoxic PVC materials and flocked material on its top. Our PVC and flocking materials for mattresses are certified by RoHS. Healthy and safe air mattress can give you and your family a better sleep experience.

Collapsible and Easy to Use

This airbed built-in 120V AC electric air pump can quickly inflate or deflates the folding airbed within 4-5 minutes. Just need rotate the switch, you will have a wonderful night. It is suitable for small spaces and are ideal for overnight guests. Equipped with a manual inflation interface for use when traveling, In the absence of a power outlet, the customer only needs to have a manual pump.

Humanized Design

Lunvon queen size air bed use waterproof flocked material on its top and it keeps the surface dry. Double layer construction with high quality material ensures the air mattress will maintain its form. The mattress is easy to clean after use, just only wipe with a wet cloth. I  recommend using bed sheets when in use, which will take a better comfort experience. It is also easy to be stored.

 Stable and Comfortable BED

Lunvon inflatable bed which have the comfortable air coil system equably distributes weight across the thick mattress, makes it like a real bed and keeps you feel more stable, comfortable all night. The air bed supports up to 500 lb. 42 stretch air coils from the heightening pad improve the quality of sleep. Bed size is 80 x 60 x 18.5 inches.

 Easy Transport & Guarantee

Lunvon air mattress comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. simply fold, roll, and store the deflated airbed into the carry bag. Repair patches include can prevent accidental damage to the mattress. 2-year warranty and lifetime support provided by Lunvon.

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Where to grab a nice deal

I don’t know about you,  but I grab all my stuff from Amazon, they have unmatched customer service, return policy and money back guarantee. Also, they are also the largest and most trusted online retailer. You are safe here.

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Best Air Mattress - Everyday Use

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