Android Watches – History & My Top Picks

Android Watches

Started in 1991 By Wing Liang , Android USA has been making fashion watches with an

eye to America’s film and fashion design heritage. Android is constantly rejuvenating itself and is continually prioritizing important movements and high-quality materials for its watch department.

After more than 25 years, Android USA now has a universal influence, with very interesting products available in many countries all over the world.  The secret to why Android watches are exceptional is the fact that they are designed using the best of traditional watch design infused with the vigor of today’s watch enthusiasts.

With the carefully selected movements, exclusive materials, and innovative touches, Android watches will for sure leave no doubt in the minds of both fashionistas and serious timepiece collectors to have some respect.

Which Android Watch Caught my eyes the most?

It is The ANDROID Men’s AD614BBU Skyguardian Analog Japanese-Automatic Brown Watch 

Android USA is a Florida-based company, and Wing Liang, chief designer and CEO of Android Watches USA, has been driven by a constant desire to exceed the expectations of watch enthusiasts at all times and costs.

Mr Liang has a unique ability for crafting timepieces that astound both visually and aesthetically. And for sure this talent can be all shown through this very unique watch above. You can click the image above for the full details.

If you are an Android watch passionate and enthusiast then let make give you some of my recommendations for some watches you may want to have a closer look.

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