Adidas Watches – History – Most Popular Products & Best Places To Buy

Adidas Watches-History-Full Information & Best Places To Buy

Adidas is one of the most known brand in the world of athletic arena and more and was adolf dasswlerstarted by Adolf Dassler in Germany back in the 1920’s. The company specializes in the production Athletic apparel and watches that can help an athlete monitor their performance, as well as have a hand in increasing their activity.

Adidas has a variety of watches that are not only made for men and women, but for children as well. They include watches that are water resistant, watches that have a rotating bezel with a variety of fun color combinations. They also have children chronographs that come with an alarm as well as digital displays and easy to read numbers.

The men’s department of Adidas watches offers a variety of choices from  Sport Digital, Analogue, and the Twin collections, the Twin collection model features a combination of analogue and digital watches. There are 7 choices in the Sport Digital line that come with a variety of stylish straps and functions.

And There are 6 stylish choices in the Sport Analogue line that have an impressive sophisticated look while providing precise functionality. Adidas also have sleek stainless steel watches and others with silicone straps that will look great on anyone athlete or not. There are 3 models available in the Twin category that will look great whether you are working out or out for some fun.

Also the womens selection of Adidas watches comes in choices of Sports Digital and Sports Analog, with brilliant colors to choose from. There are 6 stylish choices in the Digital arena that offer a sleek look along with a feminine touch. There are two styles in the Analog collection that come in a variety of colorful choices and are made from exclusive materials.

Adidas watch collection is the one that combines the spirit of the athlete, and offers the style and design that anyone with a sense of fashion will cherish.

In general, Adidas prices are very affordable despite the quality of the products, so, the good news is any one with any budget can afford a nice piece from Adidas

Adidas Popular Products

One of the most Adidas popular products that caught my eyes is the adidas miCoach Smart Run.

It popped everywhere as I tried to Google the most popular Adidas timepiece with top athletic features.

This Amazing timepiece features All-in-one running monitor that includes optical heart rate from the wrist, on board GPS for speed and distance calculation, accelerometer for running cadence, integrated MP3 player for wireless music, color LCD interface and full access to hundreds of Adidas MiCoach running and animated strength and flexibility programs. Splash-sweat proof. Vibration coaching and notification alerts and many more.

You can click on the image above for it’s full details and how to grab it at a good deal.

If you are an Adidas enthusiast and looking for a piece of the Adidas world’s pie, check my picks below.

You can Also Click Here to See A huge Adidas Collection of their most popular products.

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